Why does everyone talk about Executive Presence?


Executive Presence is the ability to maximize performance to achieve business objectives. As a result, leaders with Executive Presence successfully execute organizational initiatives and are promoted more often.

Executive Presence includes a combination of traits, including soft skills and emotional intelligence. It’s the ability to exude confidence and manage perceptions while building a solid reputation at work. It’s NOT POLITICS; it’s learned behaviors that you can practice and develop.

The Attributes of Executive Presence are:

Character – Who you are

Character is the ability to build trust and foster goodwill. When you have character, you demonstrate personal qualities that include integrity, authenticity, emotional intelligence, curiosity, courage, and perseverance. Leaders with character are seen as caring, sincere, and authentic with the courage to do tough things. Providing feedback, speaking truth to power, setting expectations, and holding people accountable are all actions that require character.

Substance – What you offer

Substance is most often demonstrated by being responsive, respectful, and reliable. Individuals with substance get others on board with ideas and plans and understand their organizations holistically.

Leaders with substance are seen as credible, and believable. They are the ones that offer help and are team players that are well-liked. They are strong collaborators, with practical wisdom, the go-to people, who are usually very connected. They understand how systems work, and they have built a strong network.

Style – How you show up

Style is your demeanor, including self-confidence, energy, assertiveness, posture, voice, and how you connect and interact with others.

Many people struggle with style. It includes the ability to contribute opinions no matter who is in the room and to present work confidently. Style attracts others to you. It is also pride in how you look – not as a Supermodel but dressed appropriately and looking well put together at work.

What Executive Presence attributes do you already possess, and which can you develop?

Executive Presence Worksheet

Want to work on
your Executive Presence?

Download our free worksheet.

Want to work on your Executive Presence?

Download our free worksheet.

Executive Presence Worksheet