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At SuccessView Coaching Group we help CEO’s and business leaders foster growth to achieve the results they desire. Check out what some of our clients say:


Lisa, Co-Managing Shareholder, Hellam Varon

“Debbie came highly recommended, and after our sessions together, I can see why. I didn’t realize how beneficial working with Debbie was going to be. Her coaching helped me to become more confident in my decision-making in preparing me for a new leadership role. These lessons were invaluable later as we quickly (and successfully) navigated through the unexpected need to change our business model and work remotely as the world changed.

I came in a bit unclear to the idea of coaching, but I emerged with an understanding of what my blind spots were and became aware of the importance of influencing by example. In addition, I became aware of how my reactions affected others, and it’s helped me become a better leader.

If you are ready to identify what may be holding you back from being a great leader, you will find Debbie’s coaching program highly beneficial.”

“Over the last few years, I have had the privilege of working with Debbie Oberbillig as my executive coach. I am a results-oriented leader and during the time I have worked with Debbie, our company in general and specifically the part of the organization for which I am responsible has performed extraordinarily well in a very challenging high growth environment and has provided excellent results to the organization. I believe these results have been due in part to Debbie’s ability to challenge me to think differently, to celebrate my strengths while probing my weaknesses, to share reference material that is meaningful and practical, and to tactfully push me into places where I am uncomfortable. It is from those places of discomfort that growth has occurred.”

Bruce, Chief Operating Officer


Lisa, Impact Investor, Entrepreneur and Growth CEO

“I worked with SuccessView when I was transitioning away from a company I founded and grew over 20 years. I had taken the company public and in its new form, it would require a new culture. I was intent on exploring and learning from the tumultuous years leading to my exit. Every session with Debbie was focused on me. Debbie pointed me to resources that I find myself using over and over when I advise others. I left the sessions with new ways to process and frame situations. I have new strategies for dealing with challenging team members. Working with Debbie, I have improved my management skills and turned scar tissue into gratitude.”

“Karen has established herself as a trusted coach and organizational adviser. It is nice to see so many dimensions in one person. I’m looking forward to a long and trusted relationship across all aspects of my personal and my team’s work force planning.”

communications & testimonialsDirector of Technology, Microsoft

communications & testimonialsDirector of Business Resources and Marketing, Sysco Foods

“Debbie Oberbillig is a true champion of change! Debbie helped me discover more about myself both personally and professionally. SuccessView Coaching Group’s executive training program is the finest I have ever participated in and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in developing their professional skill set.”

“During a particularly exciting and stressful time of transition in my life, SV’s coaching was invaluable. Participating in the coaching process helped me step back, slow down, and really focus and define what was important to me.

It forced me to be accountable to myself and made sure I was really getting the most out of the process. I found Debbie to be open and warm, a genuine listener, and someone who probably all along the way could have “given me answers” but instead gave me tools, resources, direction so that I could navigate and create solutions that were my own. I have found myself using them time and time again. Debbie and SuccessView coaching were truly a life changer for me.”

communications & testimonialsHuman Resources Professional, Willamette Valley Medical Center

communications & testimonialsVice President Marketing, Absorbent Technologies

“Karen’s empathy, combined with hands-on business savvy, makes her a great coach. She gets to the issues and gets results that are rewarding to leaders, and the teams they inspire.”

“Even with coaching from others, I struggled to find a new position. I asked a friend if she knew a coach who would kick my butt. Her answer was Debbie. I got what I asked for. The plan and activities Debbie made for me were excellent, but the most important thing for me was that Debbie was frank when I needed it. I learned to think differently about my job search and career.”

communications & testimonialsResearch Scientist/Software Engineer, University of Washington

communications & testimonialsDirector, Talent Acquisition, Group Health

“I have had the pleasure of observing Karen in action coaching clients at all levels of our organization, in both team and one-on-one coaching environments.

Karen moves easily between such varied areas as time management, emotional blocks, organizational structures, vision and goal-setting without skipping a beat. She is gifted at reflecting a client’s strengths and growth opportunities in a manner that promotes self-evaluation and transformation. She brings a robust arsenal of tools and methods to the coaching process. The key indicator of Karen’s success is the positive feedback I have received from those she has worked with and their enthusiasm to incorporate what they have learned into practice.”

“When I hit a stall in my career path, Debbie at SV was an easy choice to provide coaching. She challenged my logic and encouraged me to be bold in the exploration of my happiness and career options. I have great respect for Debbie and recommend her to others who could also benefit from someone who is unafraid to ask the tough questions and challenge the thinking that might be holding them back.”

communications & testimonialsTalent Assessment, Amazon

“Until you change the way you look at things those things will never change.”

– Pat Riley


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