Most of us are confined and spending lots and lots of time online right now. It can be crazy-making, not to mention play havoc on your hands, your eyes, and your mental state, depending on your home office set up and what you are reading.


When I want to get away from the computer or need some downtime, I listen to podcasts. I used to love listening when I drove because I live so far out of the city, and it made my time sitting in traffic bearable. Now that everyone is home, it can be a great way to connect and listen together, or to get a little space. I think podcasts are an excellent form of learning because, like reading, they require the use of your imagination.


Most smartphones and tablets support podcasts, and according to, there are now over 820,000 different podcasts with over 28 million episodes. That is a lot of content.


Although a comedy, education, and news are the most popular genres for podcasts, there is something for every taste, even kids. Podcasts can be entertaining, educational, or just plain weird. There is a lot to choose from, so with that in mind, I thought I would recommend some of my favorites that offer great insights, information, ideas, and distraction. I have highlighted a few starter episodes, but don’t stop here; you can browse your pad or phone for additional ideas.


Some popular podcasts you may have already heard of are SerialModern Love and This American Life. If not, check them out. I’ve also added more below.



For practical life hacks.


Unlocking Us by Brené Brown

From the author of Dare to Lead, these deep conversations encourage us to live and lead in connection with ourselves and others.
Starter Episode


Lead to Win

Offers practical advice for personal productivity and development.
Starter Episode


The Marie Forleo Show

We love these inspirational tips and interviews.
Starter Episode



There are actually 10+ podcasts created by the UW radio station KUOW that focus on the Greater Seattle area so you are sure to find one that interests you.
Starter Episode


HBR IdeaCast

One of the oldest and most popular podcasts. Each episode features leading thinkers in business and management.
Starter Episode


Masters of Scale

Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, talks to founders of well-known companies that offer insights about their successes and failures.
Starter Episode



All leaders need to broaden their exposure to topics outside their expertise and Freakanomics does that.
Starter Episode


Story Time

Stories for kids ages 2-13, less than 20 minutes long, and perfect for bedtime.
Starter Episode


Brains On

A podcast for the science loving, “why?” asking, inquisitive young mind.
Starter Episode

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